Do you like cake? I certainly do! How happy I was in December when the best cake shop in Hamada opened a new shop very close to my house.

Too close.

Kashinomi is about 10 minutes walk from the university. Go down the hill and take the first left after Iwamiru. Then take the first right. Keep going down the hill and you’ll see the cake shop on your right. It is a pretty little white building with a lovely garden.

And here are some of the cakes! My family and I ate them last week.

During winter they sell a nice chestnut cake. Instead of calling it Mont Blanc, they call it Sankaizan!

They also do great creme brulee.

But I like the walnut and coffee cake best. Delicious!

How about you? What is your favourite restaurant or cafe in the city?


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  1. Wataru Sugita said,

    July 1, 2010 at 2:26 am

    I found this cake shop. Because my friend’s house located near the shop.
    But it was closed…

    I want to visit the shop and having lots of cakes!!

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