Cherry blossom viewing in Iwakuni

Usually it takes about two hours to drive from Hamada to Iwakuni.

Not in cherry blossom season…

We got off the highway about 11 and it took two hours from the highway exit to reach the famous bridge. I took turns driving  in the traffic jam while my husband walked at the side of the road, much faster than the cars!

The park was very busy but the trees were spectacular. We took a cable car to the castle too and saw the famous white snakes of Iwakuni.

Nice day out!


Britain in March

I took three seminar students to the UK in March, Yuki, Moe, and Kyoko. It was nice to show students my hometown. The picture on the right shows them visiting my university. Look! A blue sky! This is rare in Scotland.

We spent 5 days in Scotland, visiting Glasgow University and the Art Galleries, the Hunterian Museum, and Charles Rennie Mackintosh’s House. We also went to Edinburgh where we climbed the Scott Monument, visited Saint Giles Cathedral, the castle, and the art galleries on the Mound.

We then flew to London and saw the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace, the British Museum,  and Covent Garden. I took my daughter to the Natural History museum where we saw the dinosaurs.

I also went on the London Eye, a huge ferris wheel for the first time.

You may recognise the picture on the right.Have you ever seen the movies of Harry Potter? This photograph was taken in King’s Cross Station, between platforms 9 and 10!

The weather was great and I had an amazing time.

I think the students enjoyed it too.