I visited Wales for the first time last month. I flew from Glasgow to Cardiff. It took about 90 minutes. I was surprised how small the airport was. It was more like a small bus station than an international airport. 

p11505041Cardiff has some beautiful buildings like the City Hall where the conference was held. This is a picture of the City Hall. It was built in 1905. At that time, Cardiff was a very rich town because of its coal mines. There are many beautiful statues and paintings in the City Hall. It was nice to listen to lectures in such a beautiful setting.


I also took a bus to the bay area of Cardiff . I saw the church where Roald Dahl ( writer of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory) was christened. I love reading his books to my children. One of his books is in the Media Centre. It is called Matilda and it is published by Penguin. It is about a little girl whose parents are very unkind to her. But Matilda is a genius. And so she is clever enough to get revenge on her terrible parents. It is a very funny book.

Roald Dahl’s parents were Norwegian. He was brought up bilingual and he spent every summer vacation in Norway with his grandmother. You can read about his exciting life in his autobiographies, Boy and Going Solo. He became an engineer for Shell Oil, and then a fighter pilot in World War Two. Some people say that he was a spy too. But he was definitely a great writer.

Norwegian Church, Cardiff

Near the church, I ate at a great vegetarian restaurant, Mimosa, and I enjoyed nice cakes at a little shop called ‘Fabulous Welsh cakes’. But I was always by myself so I felt embarrassed to take photographs of my food!




And this building (below) is Wales’s Millenium Centre. It often appears in a popular British TV programme. Maybe you saw Dr Who on NHK last year. If so, you might recognise this building. I love that TV programme! It is a science-fiction story about an alien who can travel through space and time. Yes, it is silly but I like it!



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