Birthdays, birthdays, birthdays!

August is a busy month for birthdays in my family. This year my younger daughter was three on the 17th; my mother was 70 on the 18th; my son was nine on the 22nd, and my brother-in-law had his birthday on the 28th. So we had lots of parties! My family loves to have parties. Recently in Britain, children’s birthday parties can be very large. The parents rent a venue like a cinema, or soft play area, or a restaurant. There will be an entertainer, cake, and party bags with presents for all the children who come. I’m so glad I live in Japan. In Japan, birthdays are just for the family.


Back Home!

I spent four weeks in Scotland this summer. For two weeks I was doing research at the University of Edinburgh. There is an Extensive Reading (ER) section there and I was able to ask lots of questions and read many books about ER. For the other two weeks, I spent time with my family. 

One Sunday we went to an old house near my parents’ house. 



Can you believe that it is August? We were all wearing heavy jackets.

Monterey again

I spent three days in Monterey again this summer. This time we flew from Fukuoka to Hong Kong and then on to San Francisco. The tickets were cheap but it was such a long journey. On my second day I woke up very early because of jet lag. I went for a walk by the ocean.monterey-shore


Later I met up with my good friends Scott and Miki and we went to a very old church. It was one of the first churches built in California. This church was also the setting of an old Hitchcock movie. church

Then we had lunch at a Spanish restaurant and went shopping. I bought a new bag and sandals! Bargain! And after that we had a delicious dinner of fish stew. 


The following day I spent the day with the students. After class, we went to a nice cafe for a drink. What a lovely town!