Miyajima, UN World Heritage Site

On 29 April my family went to Miyajima.It is a small island near Hiroshima. It takes about 90 minutes by car from our house. We took the ferry to the island. You get a great view of the giant red gate which stands in the sea in front of the famous shrine. (This is the gate on the Hiroshima Starbucks mug!)

Be careful of the deer. They eat anything and they will try to steal your bag, if they think it contains food.


First of all we had lunch at an okonomiyaki restaurant. Hiroshima is famous for its okonomiyaki, a  mix of egg, flour, seafood, and pork. You can choose the toppings so some people call it Japanese pizza but it is nothing like pizza.

After that we walked to the famous shrine and saw the giant gate in the sea. The tide was out. So the gate didn’t look as spectacular as it does when it seems to be floating in the water.

Then we walked through the maple park and took the cable cars up to the top of the highest peak. The views were incredible. My kids really enjoyed riding in the cars. At the top of the mountain you can enjoy a great view, see wild monkeys, and visit the temple where the eternal flame used for lighting the flame in the Peace Park. It has been been burning for hundreds of years.


After the cable cars, we had some traditional cakes. Miyajima is famous for its maple-leave shaped soft buns. They have various fillings like sweet bean paste, and sesame, and less traditional flavours like chocolate and cheese. I tried a deep-fried cream one. It was very nice. 

Miyajima is great day out, and if you stay on the island in one of the many hotels or guest houses you can enjoy the peace after the last ferry leaves. There is a firework festival in August. You can also enjoy cherry blossoms in April and the Autumn leaves in October or November. 


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