Tsuwano, the “Little Kyoto” of Shimane

At the far west of Shimane prefecture there is a small town called Tsuwano. It is very popular with tourists. There are some beautiful old buildings and some interesting museums. On Sunday I went there to see one of the most famous festivals in Shimane. It is called Yabusame and it features men on horseback, shooting arrows at targets. The crowd is all cheering for the riders. People are very happy when a rider hits all three targets.

After we saw the festival, we climbed up endless stairs to a shrine. The view was good but unfortunately the weather was not great today.

But the highlight of the day was taking a lift to the top of another mountain where Tsuwano castle stood until it was burned down. My kids loved this. I thought it was excellent too! If you go to Tsuwano, please try it. It costs 450 yen for the return trip. It gets a bit scary at the top. If you don’t like heights, don’t go!


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