The Da Vinci Code

Have you read the book or seen the movie of the Da Vinci Code? At the end of the story, the characters go to a little church in Scotland. I visited this church in August. It is very beautiful but it so old and the weather is damaging the buidling. Some people are trying to repair this church. That is why there is a strange roof over the church.
p1090226.jpg p1090230.jpg

Inside the church, there are so many carvings. The stone is highly decorated. Can you see the little man’s face in this picture?

He is the green man, a symbol of nature and of the fight between good and evil.He is a pre-Christian image. There are lots of green men in this church.

This picture is a gargoyle. A gargoyle is a monster with an ugly face carved outside old churches. Gargoyles were thought to frighten away devils from the church. They protect the church.


There is a terrible story about this pillar.
p1090199.jpgThe master stone mason wanted to make a very beautiful pillar. He did not know how to finish his work so he went to Rome to ask the Pope how he should finish. But while he was in Rome, his apprentice finished the pillar by himself! When the master came home he was so angry that he picked up the apprentice’s hammer and killed him on the spot.

There are many stories about this church. Who knows if they are true?



Many Japanese people say that British food is bad. Here are some photographs. You can decide for yourself.

Roast beef was the first dinner my mother made for us when we returned to Scotland. The round things are called Yorkshire puddings. They are made of pastry. You put beef gravy in them. Yum!


After dinner we had fruit salad. The price of fruit is very cheap compared to Japan. In this salad, there are strawberries, raspberries, cherries, plums, and melon. Very healthy!


The next picture is a dish that I made. I made salmon teriyaki. It is easy to find soy sauce or teriyaki sauce in any big supermarket. You can buy food from all over the world easily. This salmon was very fresh. It tastest better than the frozen salmon we can buy in Shimane. I served it with new potatoes and spinach.


And here I am eating a hotdog from a stand near Kelvingrove art gallery. It was very nice. Unfortunately it started raining soon after we took this photograph. We had to sit under a tree for a while.


In Britain, Indian food is very popular. Many people whose families were from India and Pakistan now live in Britain. There are Indian restaurants in even the smallest towns. Sometimes people get a takeaway. They have a menu in their house and call the restaurant. The people from the restaurant bring the food about 30 minutes later. This picture was taken at my sister’s house. We are eating three different kinds of curry: tikka masala is very mild, and rogan josh is a little spicier. Generally, a yellow or cream coloured dish is mild. A red or green curry will be very spicy.

The picture below was taken at my favourite Indian restaurant. This is the starter. You can see poppadoms; they are like big crisps! There is some tandoori chicken and some pakora. Pakora is deep-fried vegetable or chicken with a spicy tomato sauce.


Now this picture is ham with a mustard sauce. My sister made it. It was great. p1090049.jpg

And we had asparagus soup to start. p1090047.jpg

The next dish is very unusual. It is venison stew. Or Bambi stew as my family call it. Venison is the meat of a deer. Venison is very low in fat and cholestrol and high in protein but it is much more expensive than beef. This stew is cooked with red wine, cloves, juniper berries, rowanberry jelly. It has chestnuts and shallots in it. This is one of my favourite dinners. Maybe I should go to Miyajima…


And the last picture is a rhubarb crumble that my mother made. Rhubarb is a bitter red fruit that can grow in cold countries. Many people grow it in their gardens. It needs a lot of sugar to make it sweet! But the mix of bitter fruit and sweet crumble on top is very nice.


By the way, my husband took lots of these pictures. That is why there is always beer beside the food. I am a wine drinker!