Kelvingrove Museum

Before school started, we took the kids to this museum and art gallery. It was built just over 100 years ago. It is in the West end of Glasgow. All of the museums and art galleries in Glasgow are free to enter. Cheap day out!

We saw the Egyptian room and a display on dinosaurs and extinct animals. (Extinct means that the animal is dead now; for example dinosaurs, mammoths, and dodos.) There is also a plane from World War Two suspended from the ceiling.

There is a nice collection of Scottish art, and some Impressionists, and a few Rembrandts. One of Dali’s most famous pictures, Saint John of the Cross, is here too.

From this museum you can see the university where I did my undergraduate degree. Glasgow university was founded in 1451 but this building is not so old, only about 100 years old. This building is the reason why I chose to study at Glasgow. I passed the exams for other universities but I liked this tower the best! My English literature classes were held just to the left of the tower.



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  1. yumiko yamazawa said,

    September 20, 2007 at 6:45 am

    I like art. So, I hope to visit this museum. And, pictures are very beautiful. Tow buildings look like painting paper. It’s wonderful !!

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