Monterey, California

p1080440.jpgWe arrived in Monterey at 4 p.m. on the 4th of August. I was surprised at the mix of architecture in this small town. It is an old town by American standards, with some buildings over 100 years old. There are churches and houses from its Mexican past; adobe buildings (these are made from baked earth); Art Nouveau buildings; and most new buildings downtown have been designed to blend with the old architecture. I was surprised that there were no very tall buildings. I always think of the US as being a very new country so I had expected modern glass and steel architecture in the towns.
The weather was very pleasant. It was sunny but not humid. It was very comfortable to walk around. I got up very early on the 5th and walked for 2 hours along the bike/pedestrian trail that follows the coast. I saw seals and sea-lions and many sea birds. It’s a pretty little town.


One day in China

p1080226_2.jpgOn 3 August I took 18 students to China. We were travelling to the States but we flew China Air to get the cheapest ticket. We had to stay overnight at a hotel in Beijing. Unfortunately our flight the next day was delayed by four hours. Fortunately our local guide said that he would organise a day tour of Beijing. After breakfast we got on the bus. We drove about 2 hours to see the Great Wall of China. I had been to the Great Wall once before in 1993.When I was a child, I read that it is one of the few man-made structures that can be seen from the moon. So I had wanted to see it since I was a child. The Great Wall is very impressive. The weather was cloudy and it began to rain. The last time I went it was so hot; too hot to walk very far. So this time it was wonderful to see more of this famous piece of history.