Beautiful day in Mizuho

Herb garden at Koboku no Mori


At Koboku no Mori

Students are at the Craft House, gathering materials for this month’s English blog entries. Herb garden, onsen, lavender ice cream, and organic restaurant for lunch.

GOTSU with my seminar

Expect new blog posts soon on the travel guide.

Kinta no sato

Hot spring. Zemi blog post coming soon!

Ryuunji temple in Misumi

In Misumi with my seminar students now but it’s raining.

Scotland with my seminar students

Perhaps you know that fun website

Now where the hell are my seminar students? (Don’t worry; they said it was OK to put their photographs here.)

Perhaps you can only answer if you have spent some time in Scotland and England.

Balloon art at the children’s museum

Cinnamon roll!

My daughter got Cinnamon, a popular Japanese character!

Giant pumpkin

You can see this giant pumpkin in Masuda. Today I went to see the robot exhibition. You can’t take pictures but there were a lot of retro ones.

Arifuku onsen

Just found the best cafe in this area! I will bring seminar students in January so we will write about it in our guide book. Great food and beautiful design.

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